Does A Raw Vegan Diet Make You Lose Your Hair?

Does A Raw Vegan Diet Make You Lose Your Hair?


Many sceptics of the raw vegan diet believe that there is a lack of nutrition in the diet.  They are concerned that this could lead to hair loss or the greying of hair and point to various raw food leaders who have lost some hair or went grey.

Of course, if the raw vegan diet was the cause of baldness we would see very few bald men around!  Baldness and greying of hair are not connected with nutrition but more to do with genetics.  Of course when people are exposes to radiation through chemotherapy they can lose their hair but this is not connected with nutrition.

Is there a cure for baldness?  Can any particular diet bring back your hair?  If it could there is not doubt it would have been found already.  If meat cured baldness then once again why are so many meat eaters bald?

In this video, founder of UK Fruitfest, Ronnie Smith, speaks about his hair going grey prematurely and balding despite being on a raw vegan diet.  Watch it here:



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